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You're always fine


Welcome to "You're Always Fine," the mental health and wellness podcast for the chronically fine. Hosted by Kristine Hoestermann, LICSW, and Theresa Thomas, this show is like talking to your best friends but with the advice of seasoned professionals. Brought to you by Even Health, a tech company that's breaking down barriers in the world of mental health, this podcast is about keeping it real, even when you're not feeling your best. Join Kristine and Theresa weekly as they open up about their vulnerabilities and fearlessly discuss topics people often shy away from. From societal struggles to those within everyday life, they bring the power of authenticity to the forefront.

Do you tend to respond with "I'm fine" even when you're not feeling great? Or maybe you're dealing with relationship issues or feeling overwhelmed by world events. If you identify as a high-functioning individual with anxiety, depression, or OCD, then "You're Always Fine" is the perfect show for you because it's okay not to be fine.

Tune in as we explore unfiltered truths and provide insights into finding balance and peace in your everyday life. We know you're always fine, but grab your headphones and listen every week as we navigate life together; better than just "fine."