You're always fine

I want to thank me

November 23, 2023 Even Health Season 1 Episode 21
You're always fine
I want to thank me
Show Notes Transcript

Uncover the transformative power of self-appreciation, recognizing the battles you've fought and won, and the challenges that have sculpted you into the remarkable person you are today. We're not stopping at self-gratitude; we're starting a movement. This Thanksgiving, let's challenge ourselves and others to bathe in the ripple effect of internal love and gratitude. And as we inch closer to 2024, let's celebrate the abundance within us, not just with hopes for a new year but with appreciation for the journey so far. So don that apron of gratitude and come, let's cook up a storm of thankfulness, for ourselves.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back to You're Always Fine a space to show up for yourself and embrace the mess that lives underneath. Because, let's be real, it's exhausting always being fine. So grab your headphones and allow yourself to listen, laugh and even cry, because you are not alone. And we aren't always fine, and that's okay.

Speaker 2:

Welcome to a bonus episode of You're Always Fine. I'm your host, christine, and today I'm dropping into your feed to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and to serve you a hearty helping of gratitude. Let's get into it, okay, let's be real. Life isn't always a pumpkin spice latte. Sometimes it's more like a black coffee on a Monday morning. But even in the tough times, finding gratitude can be game changing. As the saying goes, gratitude turns what we have into an episode. Now I know what you were thinking Gratitude, how original for a Thanksgiving episode. But hold your cranberry sauce, because we're not just talking about being thankful for your aunt's famous stuffing or your best friend. Today is all about showing some love to the MVP in your life Yep, you. It's so true. Gratitude really does begin at home and it's easy to appreciate the world around us. But have you ever thanked yourself? Snoop Dogg once said I want to thank me for believing in me, for doing all this hard work, and you know what Snoop has a point I can't believe I'm quoting Snoop Dogg. Take a moment this holiday to appreciate the person staring back at you in the mirror. You've been through a lot and you're still standing. That deserves a round of applause. And, while you are at it, spend time reflecting and showing gratitude for the challenges. Yes, you heard me. Those tough times have sculpted you into the person you are today. So give a nod to the struggles, thank them for the lessons and embrace the growth. My favorite line of that Snoop Dogg quote actually is I want to thank me for having no days off. Seriously, think about that. There really are no days off. You're kind of stuck with yourself day in, day out and life can keep piling it on. There's no running away and there's no escaping it. You should be proud and thank yourself for showing up for you again and again, every single day. Gratitude is in a soul act, though it's more like a team sport. When you appreciate yourself, you create a positive ripple effect that touches everyone around you. It's like throwing a pebble into the lake and watching those little waves spread. So this Thanksgiving, let's make a pact, not only to thank ourselves, but to try to spread that to our friends and our family. Challenge the people around you to not only be thankful externally but to share some of that love internally. This will probably make a lot of people uncomfortable, but take the lead. Try pointing out small wins or growth you have seen in them, and then ask them to share something they want to thank themselves for. At the very least, it is a fresh spin on that old tradition of going around the table and everyone saying what they're thankful for. Who knows, you might even start a revolution, or at least a new family tradition. Before I go, I want to invite you to do something different. As the countdown to 2024 begins, with roughly 40 days left until the new year, now is a great time to take stock on the abundance within and around us. The New Year can often be blinded by the hope for change and the glow up trends, but this year, take the time to close out with abundance, taking stock of your wins, how far you have come and a sense of gratitude towards yourself. So go ahead, grab a notebook, a stack of thank you cards, your notes app or a post-it and write down one thing every day until the new year that you want to thank yourself for. This will help you as you decide what the new year holds for you and will serve as a beautiful reminder next time you need it. Alright, and there you have it. My hot take on gratitude has come to an end. Seriously, though, remember thanking yourself isn't selfish. It's necessary on the path to peace, balance and a healthy you. So, as you navigate the holiday season, take a few moments to appreciate the person you are and the journey you're on, because, as Snoop Dogg so eloquently put it, I want to thank me. That's a wrap for today's episode of You're Always Fine and the official wrap of season one. We will be taking a holiday break and signing off for the rest of the year. We want to thank you all for tuning in each week as we plan for season two. We would love to hear your input, let us know what topics you want us to cover, guess you would love to hear from and any other feedback that you think would help us create the best experience for you. We seriously can't wait to be back in your feed in 2024. Until then, mind your health. Seriously, you're fine. You're fine because you have the power to access your place of peace anytime you need it. However, if you get stuck, we're right at the palm of your hand to help Check out our show notes for this week's Source List, recommended Content and Cabana Live Group Schedule. We'll catch you next week for a brand new episode of You're Always Fine.