You're always fine

[Bite of Balance] Cruise control OFF

October 05, 2023 Even Health Season 1 Episode 10
You're always fine
[Bite of Balance] Cruise control OFF
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Is your life a blur of to-do lists, deadlines, and routines? Then, it's time to switch off autopilot and savor the richness of life's experiences. Dive into the world of mindfulness, which I describe as a stimulating cup of coffee for your soul. I share practical methods to infuse mindfulness into your daily routines and break the chains of automated living. Join us in this week's Bite of Balance, and turn off your mental cruise control.

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Experience verse Expectations
Living on autopilot
 Are you on autopilot?

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Speaker 1:

This is Bite of Balance, your weekly snack size therapy sesh. I'm your host, christine, and today's bite is all about autopilot. If you missed our full length episode, go ahead and check it out. Otherwise, fasten your seatbelts, peeps, because we're about to test your mental cruise control. ["mental Cruise Control"]. Picture this you wake up, stumble through your morning routine, commute to work, tackle a seamlessly endless to-do list and, before you know it, you're back in bed wondering where the heck the day went. Does that sound familiar? Well, that's life on autopilot, and it could be a real trap, my friends. You're physically there, but mentally you're orbiting somewhere like Pluto with your thoughts. We all have moments when autopilot helps us navigate routine tasks, but when it seeps into our entire lives, we miss out on all the vibrant, colorful experiences that makes life well life. Which brings me to my first point, the importance of mindfulness. It's like coffee for your soul. I don't drink coffee, but seriously hear me out. When you're an autopilot, it's like you're drinking decaf. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is that rich, aromatic brew that jolt you awake. While I adore my metaphor, it's actually a great place to start practicing mindfulness, to escape the clutches of autopilot. Start small, try really tasting your coffee in the morning, savor each sip, notice the warmth, the flavor and the aroma. It's a reminder that life is happening right now, not in the distant future, and you will never get this moment back. Mindfulness also allows you to respond and confront the reality of the situation that is right in front of you and choose how you want to move forward. While it may be tempting to avoid these situations and react on autopilot, being present in the moment allows for you to remain focused and clear when responding. So the last little bite I want to touch on is curiosity, truly my favorite superpower. Think about when you were a kid and every day was a treasure hunt for knowledge and adventure, all the possibilities that the world held before you. They were all right there Before life, where anyone told you what you were and where it gonna be, what you could and could not do. Well, that inner child is still in you, just waiting to play. So break free of autopilot by tapping into your curiosity. Ask questions, explore new places, try new food, pick up a new hobby, anything that makes your heart sing. When you live with curiosity, life becomes an exhilarating quest for discovery and you are in complete control. Now I've outlined the benefits of turning off cruise control. Here's how we are going to take an active role in preventing ourselves from going too far into autopilot. This week's Bite of Balance tool is the mindful pause. Whenever you catch yourself drifting into autopilot mode, take a moment to pause, breathe deeply and ask yourself am I truly present in this moment? If the answer is no, next you want to assess do I need to be truly present in this moment? If the answer is yes, you want to go ahead and use your senses to connect with what's around you. For example, what do you see, what do you feel, what do you smell? Then you want to take a few deep breaths to release any mind chatter so you can clear the way for other inputs. While anticipating the future is a beneficial tool, you have to become a master of your moments. So, whether you're sipping that coffee, walking in the park or conversing, this pause will reconnect you with the here and now. Remember life is happening in these moments, not in the hazy worlds of yesterday's regrets or tomorrow's worries. All right, that's a wrap on our journey through autopilot. Living life on cruise control might seem safe, but those detours, unexpected stops and scenic routes make the ride truly worthwhile, as silly as it may seem. Embrace mindfulness, awaken your curiosity and remember that you hold the key to unlock all of life's experiences. I'll catch you next week for a brand new episode of You're Always Fine. If you've enjoyed this episode, go ahead and leave a review Until next time. Mind your health. I'll see you next time.