You're always fine

[Bite of balance] Breaking free

September 14, 2023 Even Health Season 1 Episode 4
You're always fine
[Bite of balance] Breaking free
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This week’s bite of balance is all about calling out thought patterns and arming ourselves against ANTS. In this bite, we review three ways to chunk your negative self-talk thoughts so you can pause and replace them.

For your balance toolkit this week, I'm sharing the transformative power of affirmations. (eye roll, we know, but trust we put our spin on it) Your affirmation mantras can be the key to shifting your focus from negativity to positivity and self-love. I’ll guide you through creating your affirmations and equipping you with the know-how to make them work for you. So, let's silence that inner critic, motivate ourselves without self-punishment, and cultivate a kinder inner dialogue. It's time to stop the negative chatter and reclaim control of our minds – and it all begins here, with us, today. Don't miss out!

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Speaker 1:

This is Bite of Balance, your weekly snack size therapy sesh. I'm your host, Christine, and today's bite we are diving back into it the murky waters of negative self-talk. So buckle up, folks, and let's get down to business. Negative self-talk, you sneaky little monster. I think what's even worse is that I know it's a version of me being awful To me. We've all been there right Nagging voice in our head telling us we're not good enough, smart enough or even unicorn enough. Well, today we're going to break down this mental roadblock into three chunks so we can maybe say peace out to some of those draining ants. Alright, first up, I call this the blame game. You know what's funny about negative self-talk? It often takes the form of finger pointing. It's like our brains have become gossip queens, constantly whispering it's all your fault, but guess what, You're not to blame for everything. So take it with a grain of salt. Remember, just because you think it does not mean it's true. Next, rewind and replay. Now let's talk about the mental reruns. Ever catch yourself replaying moments from five years ago while you're trying to fall asleep? And not just any moments. It's the embarrassing moments, the ones we're shamed about, the ones in which we thought we could do something, and it happens often to me too. Self-talk loves to dig up past blunders and keep them on repeat. I swear it's like America's funniest home videos, just over and over and over again, except for it's not that nice or that funny. But here's the deal You're not defined by your mistakes or what you have done. Next time your brain hits the rewind button, hit pause and remind yourself of all the small wins, the big wins, the mundane, the less trunk of negative self-talk I want to go over is compulsive. Comparing the keeping up with the Kardashians, or should I say keeping up with the mental Joneses? We've all been there scrolling through social media, comparing our messy, unfiltered lives to everyone else's curated highlight reels. Why do we do that? Seriously? Think about it. It makes no sense. You know it's just a moment of time, you don't know what happened before, during or after that photo, but yet we still do it. Negative self-talk thrives on this. But remember those pictures and those posts are not the full story. Be kind to yourself and know that your worth is not determined by your followers or what anybody else in your social network is doing. I know everything seems perfect on the other side or when you don't know the full story. Give yourself grace. All right, peeps, it's time for your bite of balance tool of the week, and today's is a gem and, quite honestly, underused, if you ask me. That's right. I'm talking about affirmations. They're like little mantras that you can use to combat negative self-talk, but most people don't use them that way. So, whether you say them in the mirror every morning or keep them as your secret weapon in your mental arsenal, affirmations can rewrite your brain to focus on positivity and self-love. For this week, I want you to come up with three powerful affirmations that resonate with you. The most important aspect of creating an affirmation is remembering that it has to resonate with you. It can be a lyric from a song, a quote, a saying. As long as it is something that empowers you, it's good. So don't try to make it a typical affirmation. Make it something that works for you. After you have your three written out, you're going to take action. Whenever you catch that inner critic trying to sneak in, Shut it down with one of those affirmations. Take charge of that narrative and start motivating yourself without punishing yourself. Ha, We've made it. That's a wrap on negative self-talk. Don't forget your mind is a powerful thing, but it's ultimately under your control. So shift your thinking and create a positive inner dialogue, because you're worth it, Trust me. If you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to subscribe and leave a review. Until next time, mind your health.