You're always fine

[Bite of balance] Creating control

August 17, 2023 Even Health Season 1 Episode 2
You're always fine
[Bite of balance] Creating control
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Ever wished you had a guidebook for life’s unspoken rules? Well, you're not alone! Join Kristine as she breaks down this week's full episode, Life is Plastic, navigating the hidden expectations in life.  

This week's bite of balance hits:

  • The game of Life and the hidden rule book
  • Internal Landscape
  • Creating control 

Show up for yourself, chase peace, and find balance.  Are you ready to take back control over your life? This week's bite-of-balance tool helps you create a circle of control and takes back your power.


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Hey everyone, welcome back to. You're Always Fine. I'm your host, christine, and this is Bite of Balanced, your weekly snack size therapy session. Let's dive in Music playing. Ok, so this fight is about our episode. Life is Plastic. If you haven't had a chance to listen yet, go ahead and give it a listen. It is a full conversation that Lauren and I had about the Barb Moon movie and the hidden pressures that are clearly all around us. So here's the bite America for Errors monologue. If it did nothing else, it put a huge spotlight on how incredibly exhausting it is to consistently and constantly be trying to meet the hidden expectations of life, how hard it is to play the game of life when you don't even have a rule book to refer to. Honestly, I could not agree more that there are no rules in life, except there really are. We don't take a minute to separate ourselves from those societal expectations, family rules and other external influences. We don't take a minute to separate ourselves from those internal situations. We don't take a minute to just recalibrate or absorb you know, the expectations of the setting you're in. We don't even know what's there. We just know that we don't like it when our partner does this, or at work if we don't get praised. We feel this type of way, but having a true understanding is the best gift you can get for yourself, and I'll tell you why. The second, that you understand yourself in your internal landscape and you really know what makes you tick and why. Then you give yourself the ability to have all the power. There's no blind spot. If someone calls you out, if someone says something about you, you don't feel like. You're like oh my God, now they know this hidden thing about me. Or now they're going to think this. You're like yeah, I know you end up owning it once you truly accept it, but in order to do that, you have to know what that internal landscape looks like. The last point in life is plastic is all about just life's expectations being so incredibly exhausting and putting and giving so much power away. By thinking that we're not in control of anything, we give a lot of power away every day. So this week's Bite, a Bounce tool, is to truly identify what you can control. Go ahead and take out a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a circle Everything that is within your control. From there, I want you to go and give it to a friend or someone you trust to give it to you straight, have them review it, call out anything in that circle that may not be truly in your control. Then you're going to go ahead and place that piece of paper on your desk, your nightstand, make it your phone background I don't really care where it goes, as long as it is visual to you and somewhere that you'll interact with it at least once a night. This is going to serve as your reminder that the only thing you can control is you, and you have everything you need inside of you. Well, that's it for this week, and remember, all you can do is show up for yourself every day, chase peace and find balance. Until next time, mind your health.